Long Way Home


It is 1943 and America’s involvement in World War II is at its heights.  The paths of two young dreamers cross on a segregated army base near Tucson, Arizona where they fall in love, fight personal battles and complete their journeys of self discovery.

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Nearly one million black soldiers served in WWII and most never faced combat.             Long Way Home imagines the daily lives of these men and women, far away from the front lines, whose struggles and triumphs paved the way for America’s civil rights movement.

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2 thoughts on “Long Way Home

  1. Ms. Cheryl A. Head,
    I wished your book was in a paperback issue. Recently I did research on the famous black tenor George R. Garner (1892-1971). His daughter Paullyn H. Garner (age 19) married Wilbert Dunning Fisher Jr. (age 21) at Fort Huachuca on July 24, 1943. Her family lived in California.
    Ingrid Wood – California

    • Hi Ingrid.

      That’s fascinating information. I recently ran across a photograph showing a couple of wedding ceremonies. Fort Huachuca was a thriving base during the war years bustling with military activity but also the activity of daily life. It’s always great to have more information about what went on there. My book will be available in hardcopy later in the year-probably December (Thank you for asking). I’m also contemplating an audio version. Right now, I’m busy writing my second novel.

      Thanks for visiting my sight and happy reading.

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