America’s Black Farmer: World War 2

I came across an intriguing, short film Henry Browne Farmer dramatizing the life of a Black, American farm family in the early years of WWII, one of the themes in my novel, Long Way Home:  A World War II Novel.

Canada Lee, Narrator Henry Browne Farmer

Canada Lee, Narrator      Henry Browne Farmer

Black stage and screen actor, Canada Lee narrates this film which, even at 10:42, drags.  The filmmaker is a bit of an auteur (note his overly fond use of the schmaltzy soundtrack and the too-long, panoramic shots) but the landscape of 1942 life in Macon, Georgia rings true.

This film is clearly meant to support the war effort; and its point of view applauds the contributions of Negroes during the war both as civilians and in the military.  The film was distributed by the War Activities Committee of the Motion Picture Industry.

All in all, an interesting and rare depiction of black, rural life in America’s south during WWII.

Follow the link to this film on YouTube, by clicking on the photo, below.

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