30 Dogs, a Duck, and a Cat enter a…..CONTEST

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Dog Contestants 

It was so, darn, hard to pick one dog that captures the physical characteristics and character of Charlie Mack’s dog, Hamm.  Hamm is not a small dog.  Although, as our contest entries show, small dogs have confidence, and mighty good looks.

small dogs

All our pooch contestants were ones with a lot of heart. A couple admitted they were too old for the job, and being an old girl myself, I fell in love with them. Hi Betty and Brutie!

Betty & Brutie

As the song goes:  Hamm may not be the dog some girls think of as handsome, but to Charlie’s heart he carries the key.  So our distinguished, regal dogs were not quite the right fit.  You know who you are: Windsor, Frisby, and Darcy.

Still Hamm is smart, protective, and lovable.  He likes to sleep.  A lot.  So the photos of doggies sleeping on the job, spoke to me.  Shout out to Dublin, Nancy & Lillie, and Quinn.

Hamm’s hair is more long than short, so our adorable short-haired dogs….sorry.

updated dog collage

More Dog Contestants 

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Owner: E.A. Kafkalas

Owner: E.A. Kafkalas

E.A. will receive a signed copy of my latest Charlie Mack Motown Mystery, Find Me When I’m Lost, which can be purchased at Bywater Books, here.  Plus, E.A. and her pooch, Allie, will get an acknowledgement in Book 6 of the series-due out in 2021-which will include a more detailed description of Charlie’s dog, Hamm, based on the one-and-only Allie Kafkalas! Runners up

Runnerup winners

Duncan (Owner: Jerry Wheeler), who looks perfect for surveillance work. I hope sister, Lexie won’t be jealous.

Jack Jack (Owner: Stacy Lynn Miller), who would be a master at witness questioning with that friendly, intelligent face.

And, Joker (Owner: Darlene Vendegna’s brother). Because sometimes your sleuth needs to look like a tough guy even if he/she has a heart of gold.   

And, finally, our dog Abby gets an honorable mention for her good taste in books.

All Runners Up will receive a free, signed copy of Find Me When I’m lost.  Please Direct Message me on Facebook, so I can get your mailing address.

I would be remiss, if I didn’t give a shout out to duck (Snipps) and cat (Ophelia)!

Snipps the duckOphelia the cat


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