How Tweet It Is!

Social Media is like a needy lover–at once a tantalizing attraction and a burden.   If you have a Twitter account there is some compulsion to tweet.  Same thing with Facebook postings; and then there’s blogging.

I heard someone say recently, “it is good to be social in your social media”.    I admit that as a bit of an introvert, I am not the first to share photos or talk about what I’m having for breakfast, and I’m not adept at making pithy quips.   But, I’m perfectly happy to do research or get caught up in random, search-engine optimized, stream of consciousness googling, or watching 24-hour news and political talk shows, or listening to Broadway showtunes on satellite radio and then writing about the ideas that emerge from those activities.   I have what it takes to tweet, blog, and engage my FB friends and, besides,  I’m very curious about the technology and psychology of these new forms of communication–but it is one, big, fat diversion from actually writing.

Today’s writers need platforms.   Since I’m a writer coming to this work in a non-traditional way, I probably need scaffolding.    So, I’ll continue to retweet, repeat and recite things I think about or see and hear on the Sunday talk shows, on YouTube, in the Washington Post and New York Times or even the occasional conversation with a real person.

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