Poem for Black Friday

Black Friday Blues

Black Friday

Civility has gone away

It’s been replaced by ruder sway.

A flat-screened TV is the treasure

relieves us of all sense of measure.

We elbow, gouge and snatch with zeal

And our true natures we reveal.

We cue up just to make the score

For some, even the night before.

Thanksgiving prayers and harvest reap

Take second place to discounts deep.

This madness runs throughout the season

And profit seems the only reason.

Consumerism fans the flame

But really, we are all to blame.

When shopping takes the place of spirit

No remedy can really cure it.

We stake our claim and make our plan,

For piece unearthed. Good deal to man.

Yes. civility has gone away

But doesn’t end with Black Friday.




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