Remembering September 11, 2001

Two, short, fictional accounts of 9/11/2001 based on stories heard, seen and read.


Flame pushes me to the jagged edge of concrete and metal.  Light and sky the siren’s call to a leap of unspeakable surrender.  My beautiful daughters, my husband, the mountains and plains of my childhood in El Salvador rush forward in glorious detail.  Suspended between heaven and earth; a vacuum of sound, but one voice:  “I love you, my child.”  My heart and brain register my descent with unconsciousness—God’s mercy.


I run in slow motion-still wearing 3-inch heels-for thirty blocks before falling to my knees.   People brush hard against me as they retreat from the stampede of swirling dust.  One man stops with a ridiculous question: “Are you okay, lady?” He guides me to a threshold where we lean against hard, cold marble until the choking cloud engulfs us.  The stranger and I cling to each other like ghostly lovers.



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