Name Calling: The Washington Redskins’ Controversy

This is not a new issue.   But, it’s appropriate to revisit the controversy over the Washington Redskins’name.

First, let me say I occasionally watch and enjoy football but I am not a rabid (fantasy football devotee, jersey-wearing, Sunday and Monday night football appointment TV viewer) fan.  Therefore, I am much less emotionally entangled in the ups and downs of the play and management of the Washington football franchise, or any other franchise for that matter.    I do, however, monitor diversity issues, am an engaged conversant in the discourse about the impact of sports on culture, and am personally offended by racially-charged language.    So, this isn’t about football. Continue reading

(Black) & Red, White and Blue

I took note again this year that the Fourth of July compels many Americans to fly the stars and stripes in front of their homes.     But as I traveled around the region (greater Washington metropolitan area; as well as a trip to Baltimore), it seemed to be white (and not Black) neighborhoods that had most of the red-white-and blue on display.


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