Cheryl A. Head


Find Me When I'm Lost

When Charlie gets a late night phone call from her Ex's new wife, her life and work spiral into suspicion, jealousy, and danger. Her ex husband is charged with murder, and is running for his life. As the bodies pile up, Charlie must prove the identity of the real murderer, and for the sake of her relationship, prove to Mandy that she is the only love of her life.

“Cheryl Head and Bywater Books come up with another winner in the Charlie Mack series.”

Out in Print, Jerry Wheeler

“This is by far the best book in the series and I look forward to more exciting cases with Charlie and her cohorts."

Dru’s Book Musings

“…the pleasure of Cheryl’s book is immersing yourself in the fever-pitch drama she writes with such finesse.”

Grady Harp, Amazon Top 100 Reviewer

“My love for “who-done-it” stories will never grow old! I must come clean and admit that I have a special place in my heart for Charlie.”

The Lesbian Review

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Judge Me When I'm Wrong

Justice hangs in the balance when two court cases, spiraling out of control, drop a bull’s-eye squarely on Charlie’s personal and professional life.

Ann Bannon Popular Choice Award

Winner of the Ann Bannon
Popular Choice Award

"Who would have thought that money laundering crime bosses, slick attorneys, shady jury members and a private eye who is a firm believer in the judicial system would become the highlight of my late night adventures? After reading this riveting mystery, I'm really excited to read the next book in this awesome series!"

April Adams, The Lesbian Review

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Catch Me When I'm Falling

Charlie Mack faces the most difficult case of her career when she goes undercover as a street person a to find a serial killer the police want to ignore.

Indie Book Finalist Indie Book Finalist

Named a finalist in the
Next Generation Indie Book Awards in 2020.

“The hard-boiled detective has been a tried-and-true mystery novel trope since the mid-20th century. So it’s probably a sign of the times that local mystery writer Cheryl Head depicts a quite different gumshoe heroine.”

Washington City Paper

“Head’s novels crack with the sharp dialogue and nourish characters we’ve come to expect from the best detective novels. But Charlie Mack give readers just enough new to make the familiar still fresh.”

Matt Coleman, Book Riot

“This Book 3 of the series is the finest. Though all of the books are excellent, this one shoots like a rocket–it is exhilarating.”

Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Top 100 Reviewer

available as an eBook from Bywater Books
eBook, kindle and paperback at a variety of locations, including your local public library and Amazon

Wake Me When It's Over

Detroit Public Library Booklist

Detroit Public Library
2019 African American Booklist

"Someone’s plotting a terrorist attack on the 2006 Detroit Auto Show, and Charlie Mack and her team have just nine days to unravel the threat. When suspicion falls on a Chinese automaker, there’s no room for error, and no time to sleep."

From interview by Scott Butkis of the Mystery People Bookstore in Austin, TX about Wake Me When It's Over. Read full interview

"The dialogue crackles, the plot slides, and by the time the first third is finished, it’s running like a well-oiled Caddy."

Jerry Wheeler, blogger, Out in Print: Queer Book Reviews, Read full review"

available as an eBook from Bywater Books
eBook, kindle and paperback at a variety of locations, including your local public library and Amazon

Bury Me When I'm Dead

Charlene “Charlie” Mack runs one of the most respected private investigation firms in Detroit—not bad for a smart and savvy black woman struggling with her sexual orientation and a mother with early-onset Alzheimer’s. When Charlie and her crack team of investigators head to Birmingham, Alabama in search of a missing person, what should be a routine investigation turns into a complex chase for answers. They come across a double murder, shady locals, and a southern patriarch with dark secrets dating back forty years. And when Charlie is attacked on a quiet neighborhood street, the case suddenly becomes personal and potentially deadly. It seems like everyone has a secret to hide, including Charlie.

Lambda Award Finalist

2017 Lambda Literary Awards Finalist-Mystery

Detroit Public Library Foundation 2017 African-American Book List

available as an eBook from Bywater Books
eBook, kindle and paperback at a variety of locations, including your local public library and Amazon

Long Way Home: A World War II Novel

Georgette Lillian Newton has a predictable future. She will work on the family farm, marry her high school sweetheart and continue the tradition of raising kids and crops in rural North Carolina. But, she yearns to see the exciting places she reads about in Look magazine and infuriates her parents and boyfriend when she joins the exclusive U.S. Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps also known as the WAACS.

LeRoy Dowdell’s sensitive nature makes him a misfit in his family and his community. A brilliant musician, he longs to play in a big band like that of Tommy Dorsey or Duke Ellington. He lies about his age to enlist in the army and escape his disapproving father and the rumors of a small town. He hopes a soldier’s uniform will be his ticket to travel overseas where he can play music and find a place where he feels he belongs.

It is 1943 and America’s involvement in World War II is at its height. The paths of these two young dreamers cross at Fort Huachuca a segregated army base near Tucson, Arizona where they fall in love, fight personal battles and complete their journeys of self discovery.

Indie Book Finalist Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group (IBPPG) named Long Way Home: A World War II Novel a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in 2015. The novel received a finalist placement in both the African American and Historical Fiction categories.

* out of print

Our Happy Hours. LGBT Voices From the Gay Bars

This book, published by Flashpoint Publications, with cover art by Ann McMan offers the reminiscences, essays, poetry, and short fiction of 40+ gay and lesbian authors about the positive impact of the bar scene on our lives, and in our communities. The book’s curators: Lee Lynch and S. Renée Bess were inspired to launch this project after the horrific hate crime at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida in 2016.

I’ve contributed two pieces to this anthology:

  • Lace -A non-fiction essay about the Lace Restaurant and Lounge in Washington, DC
  • Girls Just Want to Have Fun – a comedic, semi-autobiographical short story.

Proceeds from the sales of Our Happy Hours benefits LGBTQ youth service programs in New York City and Philadelphia.

Available: eBook and paperback at Amazon Bookstore